Terramycin is BACK!

  Finally!  Terramycin is available and in stock!  Hurry and take advantage of the re-introductory price!  

Nature’s Farmacy’s Dogzymes Cushing’s Crusher product is an exceptional blend of Chaste Tree Berry Powder, Raspberry Fruit Powder and Cranberry Powder with some Biotin and Yucca, etc.  The purpose behind this blend is to help support our pets with adrenal … Continue reading

  Fellow pet owners, I wanted to let you know about a product that I think has slipped under the radar for most of our customers.  It is Nutri-Stix Immunity.  This product was originally developed as a preventative immune booster.  … Continue reading

Dogzymes Complete is now available online! Dogzymes Complete is the compilation of three of our greatest products: Dogzymes Ultimate, Dogzymes Digestive Enhancer and Dogzymes Phyto-Flex.  Made at the request of our breeders for their puppy people (formerly known as Newf … Continue reading

For the last 32 years Nature’s Farmacy has taken the lead in teaching the public the importance of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in keeping their animals healthy.  It hasn’t been easy since the veterinary and medical professionals have put very little … Continue reading

Hello folks.  Welcome to Nature’s Farmacy’s redesigned website.  This is the go-to website for people with dogs, cats, and horses who want to keep their animals in tip-top shape. Returning friends are probably doing a double take coming back to … Continue reading

A homemade diet is not as difficult or expensive as you think!  If you follow a basic 2:1 meat to vegetable ratio in you dog’s meals, add a high quality probiotic and enzyme supplement, and a balanced vitamin, mineral and … Continue reading

A Systemic Yeast Infection is a condition that occurs when yeast builds up in a dog’s body. This condition starts in the digestive system and is caused by a pH imbalance. During this imbalance harmful yeast that is normally present … Continue reading