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Find out what your pets need to live a longer, healthier life.

Featuring: Jeanette Pickett (Founder) & Lori Pickett (President)

Find out what your pets need to
live a longer, healthier life.

Featuring: Jeanette Pickett (Founder) &
Lori Pickett (President)

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Customer Testimonials

My Pearl (Pug) was diagnosed with "Hip Dysplasia" -- at which time we were given; Meloxicam 1.5mg and Gabapentin 50mg. this seemed to help, but my pup was not moving any better and the feet seemed to drag and she had a hard time moving. then a friend who works at Natures Farmacy spoke to the staff and brought me "Phyto-Flex" to be given 2x's a day..
In UNDER 2 weeks (MORE Like 10 days); my Pearl was getting up , and RUNNING....granted it was not perfect...BUT 100% better than before the Phyto-Flex. as of the last 2 weeks, she has not had ANY of the Veterinary prescribed my opinion, is 100% better and moving more everyday.
I have always had a HIGH tendency toward more Natural remedies, (I use vitamins in my daily medication), but until Natures Farmacy, had nothing for my animals. I WILL Continue to use and recommend these products.
Duchess Dailey

“This is my 2 yr old Doberman Pinscher Joker. He has seasonal allergies. I put him on Ultimate & Gro-Hair. It took about 3 weeks to see a significant difference.” – Pam Stewart

“She has been on Ultimate for not quite 3 months yet and her hair coat has improved tenfold!” – Ashley Foster

“Exactly 2.5 weeks later after starting Gro-Hair, our GSD girl…grew in belly furnishings, britches and thickened coat, WHEN NOTHING ELSE WE FED OR DID WORKED!”

– Victory German Shepherds