Arnica- Be Gone Sore Muscles (1.7 oz)

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Arnica- Be Gone Sore Muscles (1.7oz) - Arnica, long used for promoting the healing of muscle soreness and the reduction in swelling, is the active ingredient in Be gone™ Sore Muscles. Arnica has been one of Washington Homeopathic Products’ best sellers throughout its 140-year history because of its recognized effectiveness in relieving muscle pain and swelling.

  • 1.7 oz ointment in a convenient squeeze tube.

Be gone™ Sore Muscles Ointment naturally reduces swelling and relieves muscle soreness and pain due to overexertion and bruising from injury. The fast-acting natural relief of Be gone™ products is why customers have trusted in Washington Homeopathic Products for natural care since 1873.


  • HPUS: 12.5% Arnica 1x in a base of 50/50% Lanolin/Petrolatum.