Before & After the Treatment


Pictures don’t do it justice, but here you go.


He has extreme allergies and is being treated by the vet.


 Just after a couple of months of using Gro-Hair in combination with Ultimate his coat is thicker, less oily, deeper in color and has more shine. He gets compliments almost every time we are in public. 


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Left is before/ right is after 






Doxie - Before and After

I rescued 2 Doxie's in Dec 2018. 1 of which was very over weight at almost 22lb!! She also had major skin issues going on & was bold all down her back & tail & her ears where also little hair on them. I have been using Nature's Farmacy products for years on All my dogs & got Many friend using it now too for theirs. I put the little chunky monkey on strict diet right away ‎& started her on all the good stuff Nature's Farmacy has to offer. The results were amazing. In few months she grew all her hair back‎, & has long hair on her ears & even grew some on her tail. Her coat is chocolate brown now & soft & silky.

She is also down to a stunning 14.5lb weight & can walk without her belly touching the ground. She can climb stairs, jogs on our walks to keep up with everyone else & is a bundle of joy & now 13 years old. I have 4 senior dogs & all run & play & act like they are 3 year olds. The picture is just the one Doxie who was in the worst state.

Thank You for the wonderful stuff you provide to keep my fur kids Healthy & happy & pain free cas they all get Everything daily to help them shine.

- Maureen Walker

Doberman Pinscher Joker

This is my 2 yr old Doberman Pinscher Joker. He has seasonal allergies. This summer's excessive heat reeked havoc on him. After doing some searching, I put him on Ultimate & Gro-Hair, I was truly amazed at how quick his hair grew back. It took about three weeks to see a significant difference, but after the fourth week, his coat looked great!

Thank you Nature's Farmacy!
Pam Stewart

Before & After the Treatment

Hi! Animal Control brought Chuleta into the Spotsylvania Animal Shelter in VA a couple Octobers ago.  As you can see, she was in rough shape!  Now, she is almost 20 pounds heavier and is a certified therapy dog. Chuleta works in schools with children. People comment all the time on how shiny her coat is and how amazing she looks.  She is on a raw/home-cooked diet and several supplements. Chuleta has Probiotics Max each night, and Immuno Guard mixed in after a day of strenuous work. She loves it!

Roxy - Before and After

When we got our dog, Roxy, from our city pound she had been picked up as a stray off of the street. They told us that her all-over patchy hair loss was due to allergies. But we were familiar with dogs with allergies, and our vet diagnosed her with demodectic mange (along with a urinary tract infection, tapeworm, etc.). We quickly learned that her body chemistry is sensitive to certain drugs -- for example, she could not tolerate ivermectin for her mange treatment, and any sedative like Benadryl or Trazadone has the opposite effect on her and makes her very anxious. 

Fortunately, our dog trainer had already introduced us to Nature's Farmacy and their Dogzymes line of products for our older dog, Henry. We were using Ultimate and Phyto-Flex with great success, and Roxy also thrived on those and her new homemade, balanced diet. We especially appreciated that Dogzymes products were not "padded" with an excess amount of flaxseed, as many other competitors' supplements seemed to be (and Henry can't have).

After Roxy had settled in and gotten over her initial ailments, she later broke out in hair loss and a strange rash of lesions under her body. Her blood work and skin scrapes all came back negative, and it was really frustrating because her vet had no diagnosis. But the recommendation was that we should put her on a prescription drug anyway that would shut down her (fragile) immune system to try to combat whatever might be causing her rash. While, of course, we are open to do whatever is medically necessary for our dogs' best health, we decided to first try to see if her own body could become strong enough to fight off whatever this was if her immune system were supported naturally.

So, now both of our dogs are on Dogzymes Complete and Dogzymes Norwegian Kelp. I recommend Complete to all dog owners I know -- it's not just for puppies! -- because it's so convenient and the total package of vitamins, probiotics and joint support. And ounce-for-ounce, I have found Complete to be far superior to other brands that require a much larger dosage to get the same benefits. The kelp provides crucial minerals for skin and coat. We added Dogzymes Gro-Hair to Roxy's diet to help fill in her bald patches, and it really helped. Roxy is now rash-free, and that was without the need of any prescription drugs.

The only drawback to our experience with Nature's Farmacy and Dogzymes products has been that all of Roxy's original paperwork on her license, microchip, etc. listed her as being (drab) gray colored. But after our months of healthful nutrition and proper supplements, I had to go back and correct her paperwork. Her coat has grown in a sleek, shiny brindle brown that gets so many compliments now. 

Thank you from our little family,

Elizabeth Padgett, Prospect, Kentucky