Bitter Melon Caps - supports blood sugar levels.

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Bitter Melon Caps

Each capsule has a minimum net weight of 400 mg of Bitter Melon. Bitter Melon, through anecdotal evidence, has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels

Bitter Melon interferes with glucose absorption from the intestine and prevents adrenal hormones from stimulating the liver to produce glucose, both of which directly reduce blood sugar levels. Most medical sources agree that insulin resistance is the root cause of Type-2 diabetes. This exciting breakthrough product comes in capsules.


  • 100% Organic Bitter Melon.

Suggested Usage for Bitter Melon Caps: 

  • Under 50 lbs.  = 1 capsule daily
  • 50 - 100 lbs.  = 2 capsules daily
  • Over 100 lbs. = 3 capsules daily