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Bloat Block: Used in the mouth during a possible bloat emergency to secure the mouth for inserting a bloat tube. The bloat tube is run through the guide hole in the center. The block can be secured behind the ears with the attached cord.


  • Our own design
  • To be used as needed in Bloat Emergencies
  • Replaces a roll of tape that veterinarians usually use
  • Comes with a cord to use to help secure it in place
  • The cord goes behind the ears then around the muzzle to hold the mouth shut
  • Center hole protects the tube from being bitten during tubing process


Being able to secure the mouth block in place acts as the guide for the stomach tube. In the past, it was common to secure a roll of tape in the dog’s mouth with tape around the muzzle. This makes it difficult to remove the tape roll quickly if the dog attempts to vomit. Vomiting with the mouth semi-closed can increase the chance of aspiration. Tape rolls also become wet, slippery and often collapse, making it more difficult to insert the tube, especially if only one person is alone handling the situation. Using the Bloat Block eliminates the need to tape the jaws with tape  roll, protects your fingers from possible bite struggle, and helps prevent the tube from being chewed during stomach tube insertion.


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