Bloat Buster

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Bloat Buster is a super concentrated Simethicone and liquid Yucca used to transform large gas pockets into small particles.  498 mg/ml of Simethicone in the product.

Suggested Usage: 1 - 2 ml per 100 pounds of dog.

9 Reviews

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    Incredible Product

    Posted by Vector on Jan 12th 2018

    This is an incredible product which has saved my Dobie boy several times now. I give him 4 ml at the first signs of bloat. He's approx. 65 lbs. I never travel without Bloat Buster in my emergency kit...a must for every deep chested dog for sure.

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    I believe Bloat Buster saved my dog's life by buying us time until we arrived at the vet.

    Posted by Dane Mom on Sep 21st 2017

    I administered Bloat Buster immediately after my dog showed signs of distress. Within an hour we were at the vet where she was diagnosed with bloat and partial torsion. Fortunately, the vet was able to reverse the twist and gastropexy surgery was successfully performed.

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    Great customer service

    Posted by Jamalamy on Jul 1st 2017

    This review is more about the customer cservice than the product - I hope I never have occasion to use the Bloat Buster but feel better knowing that I have it on hand. When the product arrived, it was clear that it had leaked in transit and customer service sent a replacement to me immediately to make it right.

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    A must have!

    Posted by Melissa H. on Jun 8th 2017

    A few years ago, I lost a German Shepherd to bloat and I set out to explore options to avoid it ever happening again. Bloat Buster is my answer!

    This product is amazing and a godsend. I recommend it to everyone with a large breed dog. I have had two occasions where I suspected my current dog was starting to bloat and I administered Bloat Buster. Both times, x-rays showed that he had many gas bubbles that had passed into his intestines. Thank you Nature's Farmacy for this excellent product! It is truly a life saver!

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    Be prepared to prevent death by bloat!

    Posted by Kit on May 22nd 2017

    When I got my new dane. I went online to see what I might find to treat bloat. I was elated to find the site offering Bloat Buster and a bloat kit. I have experience with bloat and it is devestating. I lost a miniature poodle in 1975 to it while I waited for vet help. I keep goats and in 1984, lost a prized doe to bloat. Again, the vet arrived too late, although only 20 minutes away. At that point I learned to immediately treat bloat by passing a stomach tube and how to place a trocar. I have never had to use these things as bloat has never occurred again, but they provided me with tremendous peace of mind, and allowed me to assist a neighbor when one of her goats bloated. When I saw these items on the site. I immediately ordered them to be sure I would be ready if my dane ever needed me. Again, I hope I never need them, but if I do I am ready. One more thing, so many believe if a gastroplexy is performed, the stomach will not rotate so the dog is not at risk. True, the stomach should not rotate, but bloat will still kill.

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    Posted by B on Mar 20th 2017


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    A First Aid Kit Must-Have

    Posted by Dee on Feb 4th 2017

    I honestly hope I never have to use this!! However, having it in my first aid kit for my
    Akita and knowing I can help her with a quality product is a great comfort to me. I also give her the probiotic max daily, which greatly reduces the chance for gas to build up in her gut and can be used as a help in times of stress. I lost an Akita to bloat last year and never want to experience that again so I am grateful that a friend recommended these products to me.

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    Bloat Buster-Quick Like a Ninja!

    Posted by TShaw Danes on Dec 28th 2016

    As quickly as bloat symptoms appear, they disappear when I used Bloat Buster. A+

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    Saved my Great Dane pup's life

    Posted by Pam with Great Danes on May 20th 2016

    We have a Great Dane, who used to gulp his food. We know about bloat, watch for it carefully, as we have three breeds (Gordon Setter, Irish Setters and Great Danes) who are prone to bloat. I never had a dog bloat on me in all my years of dog ownership of these three breeds. However, when Grimm was 9 months old, he was eating his food, quickly as usual, and all of a sudden I heard him YELP! I looked at Grimm and noticed that he had a grapefruit-sized lump on his developed over just a 5 minute period of time. We knew he was bloating and we were a half hour away from the nearest veterinarian (always on a Saturday or Sunday evening)....

    I grabbed the Bloat Buster I had kept in my tack box (our dogs are show dogs) - never used it before and had it abou 5 years.....I syringed it into Grimm's moutn and we headed for the vet quick as lightning. After we got there, we walked him around the yard as the vet was still 20 minutes out......we also had horses, and knew walking them was better than letting them just stand when they were colicky, so we treated the Dane the same way.

    All of a sudden he passed gas - an amazing amount of gas......right before the vet got there.

    The vet did Xrays and some other examinations and confirmed our worst fears - he definitely had bloated - BUT when he passed all that gas, he avoided gastric torsion. WE told him about giving the dog Bloat Buster before we headed for his office. The veterinarian wanted to know all about Bloat Buster and what percentage it was of simethicone, etc..........we brought up the website. After reviewing the information there, he stated he would add to his recommendations for new clients in his office, and educate the old ones, that anybody who had a bloat-prone breed should keep a bottle of Bloat Buster around in case of emergency.

    Bloat Buster SAVED our dog - I will NEVER be without it in my tack box -