Cat Rescue and Foster Repair Kit

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1.30 LBS

Rescue & Foster Cat Repair Kit: Contains all you need to start your feline friend on a fast path to good health: 

            1 – 3 oz Catzymes Probiotic Daily Balance

            1 – 6 oz Catzymes Ultimate Vitamin Mineral Omega

            1 – Catzymes Feline Probiotic Paste 15 cc

Catzymes Probiotic Daily Balance and Catzymes Ultimate are used together to support all probiotic, prebiotic, enzyme, vitamin, mineral and omega needs in any and all diet programs. Use with Nature's Farmacy Homemade Diet, Raw, Frozen or Kibble diets. Both are small serving size, very palatable, and have great shelf lives. 

Catzymes Feline Probiotic Paste is a ready to use paste for travel, middle of the night tummy upset or as an additional daytime serving of probiotics outside of regular mealtimes.  No refrigeration, ready to use, and very tasty! 

This special pricing is only available when these items are purchased together in this kit!