Dogzymes Pancreas Support Pancreatin 6X with 10.75 Billion CFU per teaspoon - Probiotics, Enzymes and Botanicals

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Dogzymes Pancreas Support with Porcine Pancreas and Beneficial Probiotics for Dogs or Cats contains the same Pancreatin 6X (Porcine Animal Pancreatic Tissue) enzyme blend sold by vets and other companies but ours delivers more ingredients and support. The pancreas can become compromised from carbohydrate and starch diet ingredients, stress, illnesses and other factors. Gut function becomes compromised as well. Our Pancreas Support also contains Enzymes, Botanicals and 5 Microorganisms for a broader array of support for the pancreas and gut in a Pancreatic compromised animal. Always use with a balanced digestive probiotic and enzyme product such as Probiotic Max or Daily Balance.

Ingredients per 2 teaspoons (5.6 grams): Pancreatin 6X (Animal Pancreatic Tissue), Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Organic Yucca schidigera, Organic Milk Thistle, Choline Chloride, Dried Lactobacillus acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Bifidobacterium longum Fermentation Product, Dried Enterococcus faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus subtilis Fermentation Product

Cost is approximately 60 cents per teaspoon 

Lipase (not less than)  71,400 USP Units
Protease (not less than) 388,000 USP Units
Amylase (not less than)  460,000 USP Units
Organic Milk Thistle  100 mg
Organic Yucca Schidigera  100 mg
Choline Chloride  45 mg

1 teaspoon (2.8 grams) has 10.75 Billion CFU/gram

Feeding Directions: Mix into food or feed directly

1 - 10 lbs of body weight: 1/4 teaspoon per meal

25 - 50 lbs of body weight: 1/2 teaspoon per meal
Over 75 lbs of body weight: 1 teaspoon per meal for each 75 pounds

A 1 pound jar contains about 161 teaspoons and will last a 50 pound dog approximately 10.5 months

Cost is approximately 60 cents per teaspoon 

Available Sizes: 8 oz, 1 lb, 2 lb, 5 lb 

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12 Reviews

  • 5
    Enzyme support

    Posted by Judi Stiff on Sep 8th 2022

    My dog dunkin has an enzyme disorder and we have used another product...not now he loves it and eats and holds his weight much better. Highly recommend this product .

  • 5
    Pancreas Support

    Posted by Linnea Gordon on May 28th 2022

    We have a GSD that has EPI, we were using another brand, but they have tripled in price and are now not in stock. We took a chance and ordered these. They work just better and the price is more affordable. The ingredients are better than the what is contained in Bio case and my dog doesn’t have to wait for 30 minutes for her meals

  • 5
    Dog Zymes

    Posted by Linda Keith on Sep 15th 2021

    My dog does very well on this product and I like the fact that it has the probiotics and botanicals.

  • 5
    Pancreas support

    Posted by zehlerlr on Jun 11th 2021

    My Sheltie reacted very badly to a switch in a diet formulation last November. It took a couple months to diagnose and find a new diet. In the meantime he was incredibly thin (dangerously so). Despite taking pancrea tabs I still was not happy with his weight. I switched to this product about a month ago and his weight is finally back to normal. He enjoys his food with this on it. Much better than the veterinary medication.

  • 5
    Pancreas Support

    Posted by Veronica Kwiatkowski on Jan 23rd 2021

    We had been having digestive challenges with our Sheltie, Violet. She would have diarrhea and often immediately vomit after eating. Our daughter Mattie, after doing an online search, wondered if she had Pancreatic Insufficiency (Whole Dog Journal article). We initially thought Violet had food allergies. The vet said to try pancreatic enzymes (more reasonable than a 300. blood panel) and see if they helped. The vet's product was 99. We decided to try Pancreas Suppport (we were already using DogZymes, but Violet needed additional digestive support). Well, what do you know? No more vomiting or diarrhea. Her stools are just fine now. I always have this product on hand, and recommend it highly to others having the same issues. Thank you for carrying this product! :)

  • 5
    Pancreas Support

    Posted by Sherri on Sep 24th 2020

    I sprinkle Pancreas Support on each meal for my Gypsy. It has really helped her. Pancreatitis is such a frightening thing to go though. I highly recommend this for any dog suffering from pancreatitis.

  • 5
    Pancreatic Support

    Posted by Brandi Hensley on Jan 30th 2020

    This product has literally saved my 10 year old german shepherds life. He developed EPI and had lost a significant amount of weight. His vet, luckily caught it sooner rather than later. His medicine was going to be astronomical if bought through the vet. But In passing I had mentioned what was happening to his groomer and she absolutely swears by Nature’s Farmacy. I bought the Pancreatic Support and within 1-2 months he was back up to normal weight and has continued to gain steadily. Thank you for a great product!

  • 5
    Life Saver

    Posted by Debbie Owczarzak on Sep 30th 2019

    This product literally saved my 13 year old girl’s life. She was starving to death because she wouldn’t eat and if she did, it went straight through her. Just a few days of this supplement and my girl was a total turn around. I give it daily now to keep things in check. Highly recommend it!

  • 5
    German Shepherd

    Posted by hal26 on Mar 8th 2017

    Buster went from 79 pounds to 100 in just a few weeks. This SAVED HIS LIFE!!