Dogzymes Whelping Kit

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2.00 LBS

Nature’s Farmacy Whelping Kit consist of four of our top products. This kit was brought together with the idea of assisting not only the bitch during pregnancy but the puppies too, if need be. Included in this Whelping Kit is a 1 lb Puppy Bac, 3 oz Fading Puppy Support, 1 tube Probiotic Paste, 1 tube Whelping Calcium Paste. All of these items are good to have on hand whether needed or not.


  • Calcium deficiency
  • Upset stomach
  • Loss of appetite
  • Whelping - birthing - stress
  • Weak or fading puppy
  • No or low milk production


Puppy Bac (1 lb): Milk replacer with vitamins, minerals and direct fed microbials.

Fading Puppy Support (3 oz): Prebiotics, probiotics, colostrum, electrolytes, vitamins & minerals.

Canine Probiotic Paste (30 gram): Beneficial bacteria & prebiotic/FOS for supporting bowel health and digestion.

Canine Whelping Calcium Paste (30 gram): Supplemental source of calcium for all whelping bitches