Dogzymes Yucca Max

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Dogzymes Yucca Max is a pure Yucca schidigera powder that has been proven beneficial for:

  • Lowering blood nitrogen levels
  • Controlling lipemia
  • Chronic bowel problems
  • Arthritic conditions

Yucca aids in the bio-availability of Neutraceuticals, is a direct anti-inflammatory and may indirectly help decrease intestinal protozoa populations.

Ingredients:  100% pure Yucca schidigera

Typical Analysis:

  • Saponin 12.40%
  • *TDYS 40.48%
  • Resveratrol 330 ppm
  • Dry Matter 98.31%
  • Ash 7.81%
  • Calcium 1.65%

*Total dry yucca solids (TDYS) are a measure of the water-soluble fraction of this product.  Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant.  Saponins have been shown to enhance the permeability of orally administered supplements.

Suggested Usage:  Mix into food or feed directly.  For best results, feed in every meal.

1 - 50 pounds of body weight = 1/4 teaspoon daily

Over 50 pounds of body weight = 1/4 teaspoon daily per each 50 pounds with a maximum of 4 teaspoons daily.

Capsules - 3 -4 capsules per day 

A 1 pound jar contains about 66 teaspoons and will last a 40 pound dog about 8 months.