Fish Aid Fluconazole Aquarium Antibiotic 100 mg Tablet - 12 count

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Fish Aid Antibiotics use fluconazole, an antifungal that treats systemic and topical fungal infections. Made for aquarium use, this medication is useful in treating fluconazole-susceptible fungal infections, including Saprolegnia fungus and Ichthyophonus hoferi.

Directions for Fish Flucon - Fluconazole (12 count):

  • Add 1 pre-dissolved tablet (100 mg) into aquarium for every 5 gallons of water to be treated.

  • Repeat every 24 hours for 5 consecutive days.

  • It is suggested that a partial water change be made between treatments.

  • Discontinue use if no improvement is noted after 5 days. 

Warnings: For aquarium and ornamental fish only. Not for human use. This product should not be given to fish intended for human consumption. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

Storage: Keep container tightly closed and in a cool, dry place.