At Nature’s Farmacy, we understand the care and feeding of horses. We have been fortunate enough to have horses for over 50 years and to have had two horses make it to 38 years old. It could not have happened without great Probiotics in their diet every day. It is now common knowledge that Probiotics are so important in horse feeding programs. Old or young, Olympians or Pasture Décor, Probiotics support digestion, food assimilation, pH, and general well-being. The one-way tract of a horse makes it necessary that all that goes in, smoothly comes out, without excess gas or impaction issues.         Whether you use our Equine DFM daily in every meal, or our Probiotic Paste for occasional “Hmmm, what’s going on here" moments or emergency situations, you can trust you are feeding products with high CFUs (colony forming units) AND a broad array of probiotic species per serving.  

Probiotics and Vitamins, like our Equine VTM (vitamin, trace mineral, mineral blend) are well supported with specialty products like Equine Bone and Joint, our Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM connective tissue blend. We also offer Farrier’s Choice, for hoof health support, or Equine Cushing’s Crusher for adrenal support. Our paste products give you quick servings in a Probiotic formula or an Electrolyte formula, both great for travel and transport situations or in a saddle pack for trail riding.  Available also is Equine Calming paste for special situations of stress, travel or handling and our Equine Energy Paste for showing and competing.