Knuckle Bones Steamed, No Bleach- Chew Tool, Dental Tool, Dogs Love These!

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1.75 LBS

Knuckle Bones are Nature’s toothbrush for dogs!  White, steamed natural bovine knuckle bones for chewing, teeth cleaning and entertainment. 

They're not greasy, flavored or smoked.

13 Reviews

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    Great Bones

    Posted by BV on Apr 28th 2017

    I've always tried to use knuckle bones to clean my dogs teeth and for their enjoyment. I've also had Yuk moments when my long coated GSD got the contents smeared throughout their coat and smelled like raw meat for days. They've thoroughly enjoyed these bones and I haven't had a yuk moment. I do leave them outside and they are fine when we return and my dogs pick them up and start working on them once more. They're lasting a long time.

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    Great treat !

    Posted by CHRISTI on Apr 28th 2017

    I bought this for my
    granddog (Siberian Husky ) and he loves it ! He hasn't let it go from his sight since he got it. The bone is huge. Are you sure it is not from a dinosaur ?

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    Great chewing bones!

    Posted by Anna on Jan 19th 2017

    I was skeptical about buying these bones because they were steamed but they are wonderful chewing bones! Every few days I give them to my 2 dogs for about a 1/2 hour and they really enjoy them. The bones are not brittle and chew down like a raw bone does and will last a long time.

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    Awesome bones

    Posted by HeatherK on Jan 15th 2017

    My 3 dogs LOVE these bones and the best part is that they last for such a long time. Well worth the $$ I'd definitely buy again.