Miracle Nipple® - puppy, kitten or baby animal - Most Popular Nipple Style for Hand Feeding

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Whether you're caring for a tiny puppy, a delicate kitten, or any other baby animal, we've got you covered with a selection of five kits tailored to suit the size and needs of your precious little ones. These innovative Miracle Nipples are more than just a handy tool; they're a lifeline for countless nurturing scenarios.

The versatility of Miracle Nipples makes them a must-have in your toolkit. Here are some of the compelling reasons to have them at the ready:

1. Nurturing Orphans: When you find yourself with orphaned or abandoned baby animals, Miracle Nipples step in as the surrogate mothers they desperately need. These soft, adaptable nipples ensure that your little charges receive the care and attention they require to thrive.

2. Supplementing Nursing Mothers: For those instances when a nursing bitch or queen may need some extra help to feed her brood, these Miracle Nipples provide a hassle-free solution. You can supplement their nursing routine effortlessly, ensuring every baby gets its fair share of nutrition.

3. Rehabilitation and Rescue: Caring for injured or sick baby animals can be a challenging task. Miracle Nipples ease the process by allowing you to deliver nourishment directly to the source, aiding in their recovery and rehabilitation efforts.

4. Hand Feeding Support: When you have a sick or injured baby animal, the act of hand-feeding can be delicate and demanding. Miracle Nipples make this task much easier, ensuring precise delivery of essential nourishment without causing unnecessary stress to your furry friend.

We're delighted to recommend pairing Miracle Nipples with our Puppy Bac milk replacer formula for optimal results. This combination guarantees that your baby animals receive a balanced and nutritious diet, mimicking the care and nutrition they would receive from a natural mother.

The most popular nipple style for hand-feeding, Miracle Nipples have a thoughtful design that sets them apart:

  • The base of the nipple serves as a kneading pad, replicating the comforting feel of a mother's belly.
  • An oversized base mitigates the risk of accidental swallowing, ensuring your baby animals feed safely.
  • With a range of sizes available, you can find the perfect fit for any baby animal, from the tiniest newborns to those a little further along in their development.

Miracle Nipples are here to make your journey in caring for baby animals more manageable, more effective, and ultimately more rewarding. They are not just a product; they are a lifeline for the most vulnerable members of your furry family.

MINI KIT: 2 Mini Nipples and 1 - 3 ml syringe

                   Fits Toy (Teacup) Breed Puppies, Kittens and Tiny Animals

SMALL PUPPY KIT: 2 Small Puppy Size Nipples and 2 - 10 ml syringes

                   Fits Small - Medium Breed Puppies and Animals

LARGE KIT: 2 Large Nipples and 2 - 10 ml syringes  

                   Fits Large Breed Puppies and Animals

ORIGINAL KIT: 2 Original Nipples and 1 - 3 ml syringe

                   Fits Small Animals Like Squirrels – Has Longer Style Nipple

SAMPLE KIT: 1 Mini Nipple, 1 Original Nipple, 1 - 1 ml syringe, 1 - 3 ml  syringe

                   Fits Toy to Small Puppies, Kittens and Other Baby Animals

Wash before each use

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  • 4
    Miracle nipple

    Posted by Jackie on Jul 31st 2022

    Worked ok. Syringe would get stick and then had to push it for puppy. Markings on syringe came off after a few uses.

  • 5
    Hand feeding nipple

    Posted by Blakely Dillard on Apr 24th 2022

    Life saver! Literally! Our mama dog was not making enough milk so we had to supplemental feed and these made it so easy and stress free!! In the past, we have had to get baby bottles and make our own, only to make the hole too big causing the puppy to choke, or too small making it hard for the puppy to get milk. With these, that is not a concern anymore!!

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