Pill Gun for Dogs or Cats Make Pilling Easier!

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The Buster Pet Piller 5-inch 

It has finger rings for better control when giving a pill.  The slit rubber tip that holds the tablet reduces the chance of injury.  Water can be drawn into the syringe.  When giving the medication, the water will aid and encourage swallowing.  Designed with a transparent barrel with reinforced tablet holder and a piston with plunger.  The Pet Pill Gun is especially useful, as well as a fast and easy way of administering tablets to cats and dogs.  Rinse in tepid water, avoid using disinfectant or detergent.  

The Pet Piller comes 5 inch, for small or large dogs or cats. It has a long plastic barrel with a plastic plunger.   Administer tablets and capsules to pets more quickly, safely and easily.  

  • Soft latex rubber tip

  • Easy to clean

  • Gentle to pet's mouth

  • Correct size even for small pets

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    Perfect for small pills

    Posted by KDKH on Sep 27th 2017

    I have purchased other pill shooters, and most are made for much larger pills; they just can't hold onto the little ones and they spill out as I head for my pet's mouth. This pill shooter held the small pill quite well. It waited until I I dispensed the pill to actually exit the hopper. Since I have small pets, they get small pills. This was exactly what I needed. I've used a pill shooter that looked similar but had a different tip (although the same color) that didn't perform as well.

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