Puppy Starter kit

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Puppy Starter Kit contains a 1 lb Puppy Bac & a 4 oz Fading Puppy Support

Puppy Bac Powder

Identical to real bitches milk!  The only milk replacer with direct fed microbials, digestive enzymes, super absorbable fats, coconut oil, vitamins and minerals designed specifically for puppies.  Designed to be the finest milk replacer out there!  Easy to mix with water and PUPPIES LOVE IT, making it easy to bottle feed or tube feed.  No added salt, sugar, fillers or things-you-can’t pronounce.

Mix 1:4 with warm non-chlorinated water.

  • Size: 1 pound

Fading Puppy Powder

This blend contains probiotics, colostrum, electrolytes, dextrose, vitamins and minerals to jump start a puppy that's fading or other sudden health issues.  May be used with bitch’s own milk if still nursing or DOGZYMES PUPPY BAC. 

Mix 1:16 with non–chlorinated water. Product can be refrigerated after mixing. Discard if not used within 24 hours.

  • Size: 4 ounces

Call for dosage questions.

2 Reviews

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    best milk replacer I know of

    Posted by erin on Jun 17th 2017

    I supplement big litters to give Mom a break. Or if 12 pups on 8 good teets.. mom cleans up after they like it and they thrive.. as a veterinarian and breeder I have tried made and done many things.. this is the best I have found. 5 stars and way better than goats milk stuff and almost equal to raw organ frapped with half n half and vitamins.. way more work but eàqual too

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    Great product

    Posted by Diane on Apr 21st 2016

    I ordered this product to have on hand when I had s litter of collie pups due. When the puppies arrived we had a tiny one who needed some help. The formula mixes so easily with no clumping which makes bottle feeding a breeze. No chuffed nipples! And the addition of Fading Puppy simply boosts the formula to a new level. Any product that helps to maintain electrolyte balance is a blessing to a struggling puppy. We will be keeping this on hand whenever we have puppies due.