Thermometer Glass With Case 5.75 inches long contains MERCURY

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This is a glass thermometer containing Mercury. It is fragile and should be handled carefully. It is however an excellent tool to have on hand for checking temperatures.


  • No battery
  • Accurate results when used properly


  • Breakable
  • Challenging to Read

If the thermometer has been warm it needs to be shaken down to slightly below 96 degree mark by holding the end away from the mercury bulb and gently shaking 2-3 times.

Gently slide it into the rectum no more than 1 inch and keep a firm grip on the thermometer. For horses,  attach a string to loop before inserting and insert up to 2 inches.  Leave in for 3 minutes for animal use. This will usually take 2 people to do safely. For smaller animals, one person may need to hold the animals hind quarters so they remain still. A lubricant may be needed for smaller animals.

Turn the thermometer until you see the Mercury thread at its highest point on the scale. It will appear as in the photo shown here.



The bubble you see in the second photo is normal and allows for the mercury to move within the glass.


 Do not boil or refrigerate.  

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    Mercury in Glass Thermometer

    Posted by Jack on Sep 19th 2020

    This is a great thermometer for humans, since it is impossible to buy a reasonably priced one from a medical supply or pharmacy.