Virgin Coconut Oil - Helps with supporting skin and coat, and promotes a healthy metabolism

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1.80 LBS

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is made on Mt. Banahaw in the Philippines. Colorless, Mild, and fresh characterize this nutritious Virgin Coconut oil. Non-deodorized and cold pressed with no chemicals, heat, or solvents. This healthy, non-hydrogenated saturated fat is naturally free of trans-fatty acids. Virgin Coconut Oil helps with supporting skin and coat, and promotes a healthy metabolism. It also promotes the immune and cardiovascular system. Can be added to food or used as a topical because of its anti-microbial properties.

All values are minimum unless otherwise stated.

Ingredients:  100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Feeding Directions: Mix into food

1-10 lbs body weight:  1/2 tsp daily
15 lbs body weight:  1 tsp daily
Over 50 lbs body weight:  1 Tablespoon per each 50 lbs daily

Product may appear as a liquid if below 76° F

Available Sizes: 1 lb, 3lb

A 1 pound jar contains about 100 teaspoons and would last a 40 pound dog about 4.5 weeks.

7 Reviews

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    Coconut oil

    Posted by Donna Lapsley on Oct 24th 2021

    It keeps our Frenchie Ben with a wonderful coat. Can use on skin as well as feeding it. He loves it. Thank you for a quality product.

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    Virgin Organic Coconut oil

    Posted by Donna Lapsley on Aug 25th 2021

    Add to food. Coat is so healthy. Use on nose and “Hot Spots” highly recommend

  • 5
    Excellent product.

    Posted by Donna Lapsley on Aug 15th 2021

    It does get expensive using 2 tsp a day. But we’ll continue.

  • 5
    Skin problems

    Posted by Pupmom on Feb 25th 2017

    I am giving my dogs Nature's Farmacy E.V.O.O. daily. Have one girl that gets broke out skin from allergies and thyroid problems. Using the olive oil on her skin, in her food and rub on the bad spots. Will continue to use even after her skin clears up.

  • 4
    Feed to Aussie

    Posted by aussielover on Feb 24th 2017

    I give this to my Australian Shepherd each morning in his food. He loves it and it keeps his coat shiny and his skin clear. Good product!

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    I use on all 3 of my dogs.

    Posted by GMartin on Feb 11th 2017

    I have been using coconut oil for years on my bichons, especially the one with allergies. I also rub on spots were she chews. It's great for the skin and hair.

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    I use this coconut oil daily for both of my corgis.

    Posted by Lynne on May 15th 2016

    I feed this coconut oil daily to my dogs. I also use it on hot spots and to massage into their coats for conditioning & shine.