Zonas Tape Breathable Cloth Tape 3 Sizes

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Zonas Tape is a non-stretch, breathable tape with a cotton cloth backing and a rubber-based adhesive. It is light weight, lightly glued, and pliable. A good ear tape for tips and applications where you do not want to "weigh down" the ear. Easy to tear, and is ideal for use on wounds, or surgical sites or injuries that require frequent bandage changes. Choose Elastikon or Kendall Wet Proof if heavier, long lasting bandaging is needed such as fresh ear crops or surgical sites.   

Each roll is 10 yards long! 

Available in the following sizes and quantities:

  • 1/2 inch

  • 1 inch

  • 2 inch

  • Box of twelve 1 inch rolls

  • Box of six 2 inch rolls