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Is it gas or is it bloat?

Sep 15th 2023

Can you spot the symptoms of Gastric Dilation-Volvulus, commonly known as bloat? Stephanie and Lori provide valuable insights to help you recognize the signs and take prompt action that could poten … read more

The Differences between Estrus-Mate and Gesta-Mate

Aug 7th 2023

Dogzymes Estrus-Mate This product can be used between cycles to help normalize the cycle, used on an older bitch to assist in a successful cycle or used on a bitch who has had an irregular cycle. … read more

Old Cat Syndrome

Jun 4th 2020

HELP! My vet can’t figure out what’s wrong with my skinny old kitty!!Does your cat have what looks like a “wasting away” problem? Have you noticed your old kitty friend seems skinner? Lighter? B … read more

Coconut Oil Compounds Repel Insects Better than DEET

Posted by Sandra Avant on Nov 14th 2018

By Sandra Avant October 31, 2018Compounds derived from coconut oil are better than DEET at repelling blood-sucking insects, according to a new U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) study.Using repe … read more

Nature’s Farmacy Homemade Diet

May 25th 2018

For a FREE consultation, Please call 800-733-4981 Welcome to the truly NATURAL method of feeding your dog REAL “species-appropriate” food and not a diet of ingredients and fillers intended to … read more


May 25th 2018

In the past few years there has been a change in the importance given to the study of how the beneficial bacteria that live in and on the body of humans and animals can determine the status of health. … read more