Probiotics and Enzymes

Support a healthy gut, get a happy butt!

Since the early 1980’s, Nature’s Farmacy, Inc. has pioneered the search to understand how Probiotics work in dogs, cats, other carnivores and horses.  We have been accompanied on this journey by the greatest customers any business could hope to have.  Through the years, our customers have been willing to give us their trust and help us go down the path to find better and safer ways to feed dogs and cats.  They were willing to give us the feedback we needed to determine effective ways to use Probiotics in our animals.  Our mission began in an effort to find a way to reduce bloat and gastric dilatation volvulus in dogs.  Having owned, shown and bred Great Danes for the last 45 years, we have a vested interest in finding safer ways to manage the gastric problems or emergencies in our dogs. This was our initial goal.  It became obvious from the beginning of our business in working with these products, that probiotics and enzymes had great potential to improve the health in our animals in so many ways.  We have worked all these years to bring recognition to the benefits of probiotics to dogs and cats, and even humans. Only in recent years have others begun to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence that has accumulated.

The DogZymes® brand name covers a line of very unique and one-of-a-kind products that are based on our experience and expertise in using probiotics and enzymes and in blending nutritional products.  DogZymes® products are produced from organic and human grade ingredients.  We use the best ingredients available, only from the USA and a few countries known for safe, ecologically sound sources.  With our experience we can produce products that make those ingredients do their job better than other products.  We guarantee their performance to your satisfaction. For those of you dealing with an unusual situation who need special product formulas, we can formulate custom blends on an individual basis. 

What are “probiotics”?  The word PRO-biotics was “coined” to mean FOR LIFE, in contrast to ANTI-biotics, which means AGAINST life.  It is indeed a good term; because without the microbes we call probiotics, there would not BE life in people, animals and all breathing things.  Without these good bacteria known also as microbes, the body cannot digest food, fight bad microbes, yeast, fungi or maintain the pH that allows the body to function in a healthy range.