Catzymes Ultimate (8 oz)

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Nature's Farmacy Catzymes Ultimate is a balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and omegas 3, 6, and 9. Balanced for any diet. Use with raw diet or commercial cat food.  Blended in an organic coconut and Parmesan cheese base for great "Cat-palatability."  CatZymes Phyto-Flex, just what your cat needs for any mobility issues! With an Organic Herb base that targets tendons and ligaments for strengthening and conditioning, this formula contains the traditional joint support components such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin (Green Lipped Shell Mussel) with the addition of such greats as Yucca, a natural anti-inflammatory and the highly sought after Hyaluronic Acid - used as a joint lubricant.  


  • Healthy coat, glossy coat for cats
  • Provides nutrients for a healthy coat
  • Helps reduce unwanted shedding may help prevent and eliminate hairballs 

Suggested Usage: 

For use in commercial or home prepared Feline diets, stir into food or feed directly.  For best results, feed in every meal.  

  • 1 - 5 pounds of body weight = 1/8 teaspoon daily 
  • 6 - 14 pounds of body weight = 1/4 teaspoon daily 
  • 15 pounds of body weight = 1/2 teaspoon daily
  • For every 15 pounds of body weight = 1/2 teaspoon daily

An 8 ounce jar contains about 118 teaspoons and will last a 10 pound cat about 16 months.

Size: 8 ounce container

2 Reviews

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    Posted by Cocobe on Apr 15th 2019

    This product like all NF products is amazing! Our 5 barn cats look like show cats. Their coats are shiny, their coloring is vivid. After several years of constant use I can say that our shedding issues are practically gone. Cats are cats and they are going to shed but the reduction in shedding is off the charts. We had to adopt our daughters house cat which was a shed ball with a lackluster calico coat...within 6-8 weeks the cat's coat TOTALLY changed. She went from, this one is NOT coming in to sleep without a towel down, to ,okay it is cool .... Highly recommend if you only can get one product the Ultimate is the one to get. We use with our 5 barn cats and one very large intimated by cats Doberman.

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    Posted by Dog Trainer on Apr 2nd 2017

    My cats have been on this for years and we don't have hair balls! It also helped with some new kittens get over a cold they caught!