• Professional Grade Hi-Pressure Nozzle For Hoses

    Professional Grade Hi-Pressure Nozzle For Hoses turns any water hose into a high pressure cleaning device. We highly recommend the combination On/Off Switch and Hi Pressure Nozzle for kennel cleaning, yard work, etc.
  • Auto Lock Bar Gate (Black)

    Auto Lock Bar Gate (Black) for indoor/outdoor use. This gate is intended primarily for kennel, deck and house high traffic areas.  Auto-Lock latch allows rapid pass-through in either direction. Quick, simple installation. Powder coated finish...
  • Auto Lock Bar Gate (White)

     Auto Lock Bar Gate - White or Black   Indoor/outdoor use. Light weight, does not pull out of the wall.  Lasts for years since our fur babies never grow up and go to college so we always need gates! Replaceable spring latch...
  • Professional Grade Brass Twin Y Connector

    Professional Grade Brass Twin Y Connector Durable solid brass construction Y-Connector accommodates 2 hoses from a single faucet Features large control knobs for easy use Swivel connector aligns the Y-Connector with...
  • 4 Gallon Pail Fits most Sponge Mops

    4 Gallon Pail for Mop It features channels in the base which allow dirt to settle and keeps water clean. The side grips and pouring spouts on each end allow for easy carrying and emptying. Large opening to fit many different kinds of mops and has...