Rescue Remedy PET (10ml Dropper)

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Rescue Remedy PET (10ml Dropper) Traditional flower blend, Rescue Remedy PET is used for stress and anxiety for an immediate calming effect.  Administer 3-5 drops under the tongue as needed.

New alcohol-free formula of the popular anti-stress product.

Animals have emotions too.  They feel fear, anger, jealousy, depression, happiness and joy just like us.  The Bach Flower Remedies are able to help our animals when they have negative emotions, just as they help us when we are emotionally out of balance.  Unfortunately, we are not able to ask our pet why it acts depressed, but we do know if it misses a friend or gets overly excited around new people and that is how we select the correct remedies for our animals.

Rescue Remedy Pet is a combination of 5 Bach Flower Remedies to help your pet deal with stressful situations such as:  going to the vet, the groomer, thunderstorms and during fireworks.  We have heard fantastic stories from people giving Rescue Remedy to their dogs when having seizures.

  • Rescue Remedy Pet is preserved in Glycerin

  • These are the 5 Bach Flower Remedies in Rescue Remedy

  • 5x (HPUS) dilution

  • Star of Bethlehem – Orithogalum umbellatum:  Helps animals that have experienced abuse, trauma and shock, whether experienced recently or in the past.  Helps the animal let go of the trauma and enjoy life.

  • Rock Rose – Helianthemum:  For situations in which the animal experiences panic or terror such as an accident, going to the vet, thunderstorm or fireworks.

  • Cherry Plum – Prunus cerasifera:  Helps animals who seem to have lost control of their actions such as constant barking, scratching or licking.

  • Impatiens – Impatiens gladulifera:  Helps those animals who are impatient and can’t wait for for their meal or going for a walk.

  • Clematis – Clematis vitalba:  For animals who seems to be sleeping too much and not really paying attention to what’s going on around them.

Inactive Ingredients:

  • 80% Vegetable Glycerin, 20% water  

Suggested Usage for Rescue Remedy PET (10ml Dropper):

  • Add 2 drops of Rescue Remedy Pets in your animal’s drinking water and you’ll see how quickly they return to normal. 

  • You can also add a drop to a treat, on food or rub it on the paws or ears.

Please note that the original Rescue Remedy is safe to use with larger animals such as cats, dogs and horses.

Available Sizes: 10ml Dropper

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