• Bloat Kit Manual

    Bloat Kit Manual It's a first aid how-to manual, thoughtfully prepared by a practicing veterinarian, meant as a guide for the treatment of bloat in large dogs.  Without prompt treatment a dog suffering from bloat may die within minutes...
  • Sprague Stethoscope

    The Sprague Stethoscope from Medline. It's no wonder it's the most widely used stethoscope in the healthcare industry. It comes with a set of interchangeable parts to customize to the user's needs.  Features dual 22" PVC tubing for clear sound...
  • Bloat Block

    Bloat Block: Used in the mouth during a possible bloat emergency to secure the mouth for inserting a bloat tube. The bloat tube is run through the guide hole in the center. The block can be secured behind the ears with the attached cord...
  • Bloat Tube

    Bloat Tube 5 foot clear vinyl bloat tube.  Available in two sizes. Large 1/2" diameter Medium 3/8" diameter