Surgilube (2 oz)

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Surgilube Jelly by Fougera is a unique blend of natural water-soluble gums.  Surgilube provides instant, continuous lubricating action for easy, comfortable insertion of catheters, endoscopes, surgical instruments, magic bullet suppositories and gloves into body orifices.  

Surgilube is SAFE, RELIABLE, CONVENIENT, STERILE AND BACTERIOSTATIC.  Crystal clear, will not cloud optics.

Suggested Usage: 

We recommend using this product with our Artificial Insemination kits and tubes.  Use according to package instructions.  The Surgilube lubricating jelly does not come with an applicator tip.

Surgilube is grease-less, water soluble transparent jelly. NON SPERMICIDAL!!

Surgilube Lubricating Jelly Benefits

Safe, Reliable, Convenient. Sterile & Bacteriostatic. Crystal clear, will not cloud optics (cystoscopy, sigmoidoscopy) Directions: Use according to package instructions. The surgilube lubricating jelly does not come with an applicator tip.

Available Size: 2 ounce tube

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